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Belmondo Rubber

Wellbeing for your


Our Belmondo Basic, is perfect for loosebox stalls. This system requires less bedding and still provides 24 hours a day of comfort. The improved grip helps to keep... read more

Our Belmondo Trend, the premium horse mattress, is designed as a stall mattress. It is heat insulating and air cushioned for utmost horse friendly softness. Trend supports your horse's weight when either.... read more


Our Belmondo Walkway, is a lightweight mat designed for your stable walkways. While reducing noise and adding slip resistance, it also creates a clean and classy look. It is also ideal for.... read more

Our Belmondo Classic, is designed for stalls. This premium mat has a reinforced surface for high stress areas and active or heavy horses. It is comfortable soft and... read more


Our Belmondo Flix, is designed for outdoors and works on gravel, grass, or mud. It easily adapts to any surface. It's weather proof and UV resistant. Flix is simple to install and.... read more

Our Belmondo Step, is a rubber flooring for slopes and ramps. The v-shaped raised ribbed profile improves foot hold with a square imprinting between the profile for improved grip. Step is UV resistant and... read more


Our Belmondo Rodeo, is a rubber for your walls. Perfect for loosebox stalls. It protects hooves and legs as well at the walls. It is also shock absorbing and makes your stable a quieter more


Our Belmondo Kingsize, is a 3-layer system designed for recovery pens and special areas. The Kingsize system supports safe standing up and lying down while adapting to any load any surface. The seamless top is easy to disinfect and... read more

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